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The Magic Doe

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Mirigavati or The Magic Doe is the work of Shaikh utban Suhravardi an Indian Sufi master who was also an expert poet and storyteller attached to the glittering court in exile of Sultan Husain Shah Shari of Jaunpur Composed in 1503 as an introduction to mystical practice for disciples this powerful Hindavi or early Hindi Sufi romance is a richly layered and sophisticated text simultaneously a spiritual enigma and an exciting love story full of adventur.


Es The Mirigavati is both an excellent introduction to Sufism and one of the true literary classics of pre modern India a story that draws freely on the large pool of Indian Islamic and European narrative motifs in its distinctive telling of a mystical uest and its resolution Adventures from the Odyssey and the voyages of Sindbad the Sailor sea voyages encounters with monstrous serpents damsels in distress flying demons and cannibals in caves among ot.

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Hers surface in Suhravardi 's rollicking tale marking it as first rate entertainment for its time and in private sessions in Sufi shrines a narrative that shaped the interior journey for novices Before his untimely death in 2009 Aditya Behl had finished this complete blank verse translation of the critical edition of the Mirigavati an epic romance that is also the symbolic key to a secret Sufi mystical tradition and a gem of Indian and world literatur.